Temporary Workbook Download Page:

Below you will find the links and instructions on how to download your Personal Workbook for the Natural Sciatica Relief System.

Remember: This workbook will guide you through the program and help you track your progress. It is not absolutely necessary, but it will greatly enhance your experience of the program.

Your workbook is in Adobe PDF format, compatible with Adobe Reader version 5 and newer. Adobe Reader can be downloaded and installed for Windows and Mac at this URL: (

If you need help acquiring or downloading your Personal Work, please contact our customer service address, at:

Workbook Link:


Download Instructions:


Step 1: Using your mouse, RIGHT – CLICK on the cover workbook or the button beneath it. A gray menu will appear…

Step 2: If you’re using Internet Explorer, click the Save Target As… option. This will open the “Save File” dialogue box. If you’re using FireFox or Chrome or Safari, instead of “Save Target As…” you’ll click an option that says “Save Link As…” This will open the “Save File” dialogue box.

Step 3: Next, choose the place on your computer where you wish to save your Personal Workbook. Click “Save” to begin downloading the file.

Step 4: When the file has finished downloading, a notification will appear on your computer screen. From there, you can navigate to the location where you saved the file, and open it.

If you run into trouble or need help in any way, please contact us at