About Us

About The Sciatica Institute, LLC

The Sciatica Institute, LLC is an organization which aims to spread the word about a healthier alternative to surgical sciatica treatment.

Our Purpose:

Healthcare in the USA is experiencing an evolution. The internet is educating people in a whole new way, removing a vast burden from our medical system and saving the country’s economy one condition at a time.

We are getting involved by targeting the condition known as sciatica: the compression or irritation of the sciatic nerve in the lumbar area of the back.

What We’re Doing To Help:

We have created an at-home, 3-part DVD system that helps teach people like you to treat their own sciatic back pain. The first disc, “The Source of Sciatica,” seeks to first inform the viewer about their condition, including many of the finer points which are often glossed over by both doctors and online information sources. The program then walks you through a detailed description of the symptoms and environmental factors associated with the various causes of sciatic pain. On this disc we also demonstrate a number of physical tests which will further help you determine which of the four common causes of sciatic pain may be the source of your discomfort.

Next, having identified the cause of your sciatic pain, the second part of the system, “Immediate and Extended Relief,” will guide you through a cause-specific set of stretches and exercises, which – in as little as one or two repetitions – will begin to alleviate the pain you are currently feeling. As this pain gradually subsides, you will be able to complete two repetitions of the appropriate relief routine in a single day. After experiencing your first pain-free week, you’ll be ready to move on to “Complete Sciatica Control.”

In the third and final part of our system, we will guide you through the process of identifying and correcting the muscle imbalances which are the cause of almost all sciatica-related back pain. These imbalances leave a back weak and prone to injury as well as causing alterations in your gait and posture. Once identified, you’ll be able to correct these imbalances by replacing your old pain relief routine with a new imbalance correction routine. A pelvis and spine which have been restored to a state of natural symmetry are less prone to injury, arthritis, and future flare-ups of sciatica.

Who We Are:

While there are many helping hands who provide support, research, and guidance on spreading our message, our leader is Zachary Good – who pioneered our research into the four types of sciatica, and the different treatments for each.

Where Are We Located:

Our primary office is located in Grand Rapids Michigan – the medical hub of Michigan, and known as a medical pioneer throughout the country.