(*1) Note on Expected Results: Successful relief from any of the four forms of Sciatica depend on many important factors, and results are never guaranteed. However, read on to learn about what we believe is the sciatica suffers best chance of overcoming your lower back pain.


The Sciatica Institute is a local organization operating in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Our city is a hub of medical research and advancement and our organization’s specific focus on lower back pain and sciatica is now providing people all over the country with the much-needed relief that surgery, therapy, and pharmaceuticals
have failed to deliver

  • Intense bouts of lower back pain…
  • Almost… electric pain down one or both legs… (usually known as Sciatica)
  • A diagnosis or suspicion of a bulging, herniated, or slipped disc
  • Back pain which is made worse by the posture you maintain throughout the work day…
  • Pain caused by spondylolisthesis or spinal stenosis
  • Flare-ups which come after sitting at your desk or driving for extended periods of time…
  • Adjusting the way you walk on account of lower back pain…
  • Years spent on trying to find solutions only to have yet another flare-up when you least expect it…
  • Deep pain or tightness in the buttocks which radiates down the leg
  • The realization that chiropractic care, physical therapy, or a daily regimen of pain killers only delay the return of your lower back pain…

From: Zachary Good
Sciatica Institute Co-Founder

Dear Friend and Fellow Sufferer,

If you had told me just two years ago that my back pain would be cured at-home (*1) without any more expensive and frustrating visits to the doctor’s office or chiropractor, I might have just laughed at you.

You see, at that point I was in so much pain that I was willing to do anything to find some relief. I know that you’ve suffered with lower back pain, you probably know what I’m talking about: visits to the chiropractor or physical therapist, living from one dose of pain relievers to the next, contemplating spending hundreds of dollars on inversion therapy…

I knew that surgery wasn’t an option for me because I had heard so many horror stories about friends who had undergone a procedure and endured the bed rest which followed only to end up with a weaker, less flexible, more pain-prone back than when they began.

Frankly, there is a whole world of people out there ready to make your pain a source of recurring income without any promise of delivering on their claims that they can fix the problem.

Thankfully, I discovered that dangerous procedures and unwieldy (not to mention expensive) gadgets are not necessary parts of the solution to low back pain or sciatica…

Let me tell you a quick story about how I got on the fast track to beating my pain once and for all.

Having decided the surgery wasn’t my answer, I began to learn more about my condition. I discovered (among a host of other things) that not only is the vast majority of lower back pain caused by pressure on the sciatic nerve, but also that millions of people in North America were suffering from lower back pain along with me.

The sciatic nerves are the longest in the body and they run from the lower back down either of the legs. A herniated disc, a tight piriformis muscle, a high hip or uneven pelvis, as well as number of other dysfunctions of the lower back, pelvis, and legs are painful because they put pressure on these nerves.

You see, sciatica isn’t so much the name of a specific disorder as it is a TYPE of pain. Any pain caused by the irritation of the sciatic nerve is called sciatica.

In learning this I discovered that this one nerve was the key to my pain and to the pain of the millions of others who suffered alongside me.

This budding knowledge was all well and good, but understanding my problem didn’t necessarily lead to FIXING it.

Even though I was completely fed up with my pain. Even though I was beginning to understand the physiology behind it. I still didn’t know where to turn to make it stop.

That knowledge ended up coming from a chance encounter with a veteran Yoga Therapist.

It’s funny. I had been told by a friend of mine that this therapist could help with another problem I was having: teeth clenching. Yet, from the moment I walked in the door, she spotted right away that I was in quite a bit of pain.

My walk (or waddle) gave me away, but not only was she able to help with the teeth clenching (a simple bite-splint did the job), but she also claimed that she could help me cure my back pain as well.

I had heard that before, of course, but she did something that no doctor or chiropractor ever did: She promised me that her therapy would work.

It wasn’t a cheap fix by any means, but the therapy worked! At $175 per session, it was sacrifice, but the relief was priceless. The pain lessened almost immediately once I began employing the stretches and exercises she prescribed, and after a week and a half the pain was almost completely GONE!

Not only did my Yoga Therapist guide me through identifying the cause of my pain and relieving it, she showed me the steps I needed to take to ensure that the pain would never return.

You see, the true cause of back pain is even deeper than just pressure being put on the sciatic nerve, because that pressure wouldn’t be there at all if it wasn’t for muscle imbalances.

Perhaps even more important than the initial stretches and exercises which relieved my pain were the routines to correct my muscle imbalances. By returning my body to muscle symmetry I was able to increase the strength and flexibility of my back, making it far less likely that I would ever experience an episode of sciatic pain in the future.

The vital training I received empowered me to become my own best trainer and therapist. It was almost unbelievable. For the first time in recent memory, I was no longer dependent on a medical professional or enslaved to my own pain.

So what does all this have to do with you? Well, unless you can find the sort of miraculous individual that helped me to relieve my pain, you TOO need an at-home solution to your back pain.

However, there aren’t many people left who are willing to teach the techniques that would make their services unnecessary. Why teach a man to fish when you could sell him fish three times a week for the rest of his life?

In fact, the very Yoga Therapist who intervened on my painful journey has retired as well, but I chose to take up her cause and have devoted much of my time since that fateful day to combining her wisdom with my own medical research.

The result is the formation of The Sciatica Institute, an organization founded by myself and my wife, which is devoted to collecting and sharing the best techniques for alleviating lower back pain caused by sciatica.(*1)

Our efforts at The Sciatica Institute culminated in the debut of the great fruit of all our labors: The Natural Sciatica Relief System.

This 3-DVD program is a systematized program designed to guide any individual through identifying the cause of their sciatica, relieving their pain, and taking the steps necessary to ensure that it will never return.(*1)

We devote all of our energy at The Sciatica Institute to improving and distributing this system and it’s helping people all over the United States and Canada finally take control of their own treatment and help alleviate their lower back pain.(*1)

We truly believe that this system is the best and only at-home answer that will satisfy individuals who are seeking to treat their pain naturally and who need relief now.(*1) And while your results depend on a multitude of factors (and therefore can’t guarantee results in every case), we stand by our system, and we promise to help you every step of the way.

So, how exactly does our system work? Here’s exactly what you can expect from this program:

Step 1:

      By watching Disc 1, “The Source of Sciatica”, viewers will learn a bit more about the the environmental causes of their condition. This disc contains questions and exercises which will help you identify which of the four common causes of sciatica is the likely source of your pain.

Step 2: The second part of the system, “Immediate and Extended Relief” provides five different pain relief routines, one which corresponds to each of the four common causes of sciatica as well as our “Universal Relief Stretches” which provide a broader variety of stretches and exercises which can help nearly anyone suffering from lower back pain.(*1)

Step 3: After the pain relief routines allow you to experience your first pain-free week, the second half of Disc 2 will help you identify the muscle imbalances which make your body prone to lower back pain.(*1)

Step 4: Disc 3, “Complete Sciatica Control”, will guide you through muscle imbalance correction routines which will help increase the strength and flexibility of your back. This will prevent future flare-ups, improve your posture, and decrease wear and tear on your joints.(*1)

The system is laid out in a logical, easy to follow manner and we’ve also created a workbook which will help you track the progress of your relief and better follow along with the video presentations.

Once you have your hands on the system, all you need to do is put in Disc 1 and you’re on your way to immediate and long term pain relief.(*1)

Where are you located?

ANSWER – Our offices are in one of the newest high-rise buildings on the “medical mile” in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We are not currently seeing clients for one-on-one consultations in our offices, because our efforts are focused on sharing this information with a broader, nation-wide audience.

Does this program work for ALL lower back pain? How fast can I expect relief?

ANSWER – The human anatomy is the common denominator that makes all treatment possible. This program works for the majority lower back pain and sciatica sufferers, but there are always exceptions. Many individual experience substantial relief in just a few days. Your willingness to stick with the program is the most significant factor in determining your success.

Where did you acquire the information contained in this program?

ANSWER – In addition to the wisdom which inspired the creation of the institute in the first place, we’ve drawn on a number of medical studies and the expertise of doctors and physical therapists from around the country. Everything presented in our videos has been reviewed and approved by a medical doctor, a physical therapist, and a biologist.

What makes this system different from the other solutions I’ve tried?

ANSWER – There are numerous advantages to the Natural Sciatica Relief System: Not only is it designed to allow at-home self-treatment, but unlike the quick-fixes and gadgets out there which you’ve likely tried before, with our promise of a full refund, if you find any reason to be dissatisfied with our system, you’ll have your money back in no time!(*1)

Option 1. You can do nothing. You can stay on your present course and hope that somehow the results of your waiting will be different than what you’ve experienced up until now.

Option 2. You can try to go it alone and devote the hundreds of man hours to research and consultation with experts that I did in order to create a comprehensive solution to lower back pain.

OR, you can make the only choice that takes all the risk out of bringing you the relief you need…(*1)

Option 3. You can get your hands on the Natural Sciatica Relief System at a fraction of the price of a few weeks of physical therapy or a month’s worth of co-pays on a prescription painkiller.

In fact, I’ve created a special, limited-time offer for those who have stumbled upon this special letter. Here’s what it looks like:


Rather than paying the traditional price of $169 for the Natural Sciatica Relief System, I’ve reduced the price to less than half for this special offer.


I’ll pay to ship your package first-class via USPS.


Your purchase will be covered by our iron-clad 100% satisfaction pledge. If the program doesn’t work out for you, for any reason, just send it back and we’ll refund the entirety of your purchase price.

In fact I want to go even further and make you three quick promises:

First, I want to let you know that we have quick, effective, LOCAL customer service available for you for the lifetime of your purchase. If you ever need us just give us a call at the number printed in our site banner and the back your package and we’ll give you the help you need.

Second, I want to promise that our online ordering system is 100% secure. Not only do we use the same 128-bit encryption used by banks, but we pay thousands per year in fees to a secure payment gateway. Paying through our online ordering system is literally safer than handing your card to a waitress at a restaurant.

And, finally, I want to tell you that we stand behind our product and promise you a 100% refund of your purchase price if you find that the system does not work for you. This is our Lifetime Satisfaction Pledge.

Alright, the time has come for you to take action.

You have everything to gain from alleviating your lower back pain and nothing to lose.(*1)

I invite you to take advantage of this limited-time offer before it’s gone. By doing so, I know that you’re taking the first and BIGGEST step toward leading a pain-free life.

Just click the button above to add the Natural Sciatica Relief System to your cart and you’ll be on your way to getting the relief you deserve.


Zachary Good
Co-Founder of the Sciatica Institute

P.S. If you order before 2:00pm EST, your package will ship TODAY! Remember that if you don’t take action today, you may miss out on this unique opportunity.

P.P.S. Don’t forget about our Lifetime Satisfaction Pledge. We take our work very seriously and we know that every person’s body is different. If the Natural Sciatica Relief System doesn’t work for you for ANY reason. Just send it back and you’ll receive a complete refund.